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24 Mar 2020

COVID-19 UPDATE Due to the escalating restrictions and infection risk we have decided to transform our business to work from home from today – Tuesday 24/3/2020. We have made the following arrangements: All staff are all available on mobile and email. Calls to direct office numbers will divert to that persons mobile phone. Contact details, and further updates will be posted in the About Us/Meet the Team section of our web site Any further updates will be posted on our web site If you are not able to reach the required staff member please leave a call back request at [email protected] Unfortunately we will not be able to transfer you to an alternative staff member from our mobile phones access It is preferred that you contact our office on the following email address [email protected] .  Using this one contact point will allow us to allocate work as appropriately and efficiently as possible. Given the fluctuating and changing conditions we may see in the coming weeks we ask you to refrain from using personal emails. All staff have direct access to this email inbox. Staff will be available 9.00am – 5.00pm (EST). The position regarding Coversure Security, Leisure & Entertainment binder remains fluid with ongoing discussions somewhat hampered by th